Group subsidiaries

The Candeal group are holding all the shares of three of subsidiaries companies. The 3 of subsidiaries companies are also use there solid business foundation to improve the challenges such as construction inadequacy and work force shortage in the construction industry.

Candeal Co., Ltd.

  • Candeal Tect Co., Ltd.
    Candeal Tect Co., Ltd.

    We provide the construction services such as repair, interior construction, inspection, lifting for the residential and commercial environments.

  • Candeal Design Co., Ltd.
    Candeal Design Co., Ltd.

    Trading and distribution activities encompass a wide spectrum of business interests that range from products of relate with repair and interior decoration trading to distribution and materials handling.

  • Candeal Partners Co., Ltd.
    Candeal Partners Co., Ltd

    Management of sales agents and franchisees handling the Group's services, and development of antiviral and antibacterial products and services.

  • Burn Repair Co., Ltd.
    Burn Repair Co., Ltd.
    Burn Repair is a business pioneer of provide the repair and maintenance services for the housing environment in the construction industry.
    Responds to the customer's request.
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