It is a great success of 'RENOVATION INDUSTRY FAIR 2017'! Thank you for your coming to our booth.

'RENOVATION INDUSTRY FAIR 2017' held at the Tokyo Big Sight for 2 days of 11th July ~ 12th July.
First of all thank you for coming our booth and meted many people at these two days in while many companies exhibiting.

[We will support strengthen our competitiveness in our service market of remodeling & plus 1] in our theme of the contents specializing in the remodeling relation at this exhibition.It is great opportunity for more people to know our company's tech and services, including the housing manufacturers and distributors, as well as those interesting in our tech services.

【Scratches! The size different! The color different..."the troubled in construction" is solved by repair!】
Finish as if you had to restore and replace with the repair of....

【Scratches! The size different! The color is different..."the troubled in construction" is solved by repair!】
Repair is useful in the "trouble under construction" such as scratches and traces, resizing, and different colors during construction.It is possible to reduce the time and the cost of use the 'repair' to fix only the defective part compare with a general "replacing".

【Wider range of the proposals to improve the owner satisfaction! A proposal for the remodeling of 'Repair'!】
A classy texture! Also have a fondness!Respond to requests from customers such as 'Finest Repair' and different kind of Remodeling on a budget or with a little addition budget.

【Sales support】
Our service and [optional items] to support the sales activity such as "Home staging" which can be use the price of the remodeling and the interior coordination to the property, and more competitive in your business.

【Wood Repair Demonstration Corner】
In the corner of the wood repair demonstration of [I could be fix it by myself somehow......because it is not a big wound to ask the professional] such as flooring. Many people interested in our introduction of [the repair kit and repair method to meet your request].

We would like to thank you for the cooperation of the fair and all of the customers visited to our booth.The group company of Burn Repair, Candeal Tect Co., Ltd. (former: Spec Co., Ltd. & Leyon Consulting Co., Ltd.), Candeal Design Co., Ltd. (former: A-Fic Co., Ltd. & House Box Inc.) will continue to work to satisfy all of our customers.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or concerns. And also please feel free to contact us if you have any questions after seeing our image of people who were not able to come on the day.